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Talking Re: Firewine Springs Grand Opening!!!


Now! Time for the REAL Grand Opening! This time I will not be stopped by any force including the Ring being shut down for a bug! no way! This WILL happen!!

What: Firewine Springs is haveing its Grand Opening. Firewine Springs is a multi-server scenerio that strays away from the path of combat. Enjoy the lovely Oasis of Firewine, perform on stage infront of your fellow Homins, dine in our beautiful resturant, play a bame of Yuboball in our fine arena, or take up some gambles on monster battles! The possiblities are endless! Just come and enjoy each others company! RPers are most definatly welcome!

Where: You can reach us via your closest Ring terminal. When, and if, you wake up you will find yourself in a fine resort.

When: This Friday at 11 GMT, if you are interested in helping out meet me there at 10 GMT.

So come one, come all! You are all welcome to stay with us in Firewine Springs!!!

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