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Re: Firewine Springs Grand Opening!!!

Wow...its been a while. First off Firewine Springs will be reopening and be hosted again. Its been forever since I've hosted this, and its due time to get it off the ground again.

After Sunday's events, at 5 CST, Pryath and Niobe are having their wedding. This will be held in Fleeting Garden (Forest) at the Kami Circle. After the wedding, I will be hosting the wedding party in Firewine Springs. This will be the first hosting of it since I've returned. After that I plan on hosting it regularly, or you can book it for special events.

I haven't seen a whole lot of Ring action. I want to change that. So, if your interested in this, have questions, or want to help, send me a PM or ingame tell or mail. Send it to Zandryok, or if hes not there, you can try Faron.

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