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The Hunter's Predicament

My first scenario is up and running on the following schedule:
Monday - Friday: 12:00am til 5:00pm EST
Saturday - Sunday: To Be Determined

I try to keep this up for all servers to access when I am not using my computer or I am at work. Please feel free to post here if you have any issues with the Ring Scenario.

This is a skill level 20-40 event with a level 40 probably able to solo the instance and a level 20 needing to probably bring 1 or 2 friends. The event will take only about a half hour to complete but it is my first attempt with this tool.

All new players should be bale to access this scenario as It was created with a new freebie character account. All knowledge was gained on the newbie island.

---Coming Soon---
Ignite the Revolt
A skill level 50-100 scenario that is based around the timeline of the Matis enslaving the Tryker.

"Help the Tryker encampment break into the Matis slave camps and ignite a revolt that will make the Matis think twice about enslaving the Tryker ever again."
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