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Re: [FAQ] Ryzom in Linux (Reloaded)

Nice, how-to, but Startup Script does not seems to be right. it misses "cd /path/to/ryzom" just after "echo 'Starting Ryzom'".

To install ryzom icons on desktop/menu manually:
Replace RYZOM_HOME with real ryzom location.
wineshelllink --menu --workdir "$RYZOM_HOME" --path client_ryzom_rd.exe --descr "The Saga of Ryzom" --icon "$RYZOM_HOME/Ryzom6.ico" --link Ryzom
(or change --menu with --desktop)
will install ryzom icon to menu or desktop (tested on Gnome)

c. Small installer
yeah, it's sad that this one dont work ;-(
i have had little success with it when running it under "strace -o /dev/null -f -F wine client_background_downloader_rd.exe" (there seems to be deadlock on threads and strace seems to "slow" it down enough)

link for big installer is
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