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Re: [FAQ] Ryzom in Linux (Reloaded)

Originally Posted by 23857628
In Section "Device" of your xorg.conf file you should check that Option DynamicTwinView "true" is set.

Nope, this broke KDE (and everything else that uses X I would take it) as DynamicTwinView is not a valid option in xorg.conf. Also, I doubt adding more metamodes to the config would solve anything.. unless you can paste here how you implemented these 2 options to your xorg.conf.

After editing my file it looked something like this:

Section "Device" Identifier "Standard videokort" Driver "nvidia" BusID "PCI:3:0:0" DynamicTwinView "True" EndSection

Also, in the english installation of Ryzom there doesn't exist any file called ryzom_configurator_rd.exe so you may want to add ryzom_configuration_rd.exe as an option
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