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Who let the dogs out?

Who let the dogs out?
...a new Ring Scenario


When can I visit Who let the dogs out?... It is being hosted almost 24x7 for several weeks starting now.

Is there a reward?... Yes if you complete the storyline, you are rewarded with eternal youth and salaciousness.

What level is it intended for?... All levels can solo the complete storyline. There are alternative challenges for high level players whether solo or grouped, and there is an extreme challenge for a heroic large group.

Is this anything like the "Land of Rudolph's Licks" I visited back at Christmas?... You will recognize a few who have escaped from the North Pole. You will find it easier to survive here, and a story line that's easier to discover and follow.

Will I die?... I guarantee it! But this is a magical land where you have no death penalty.

Techie FAQs

How do I enter this land?... go to any Ring Terminal (except the one on Silan), select "Who let the dogs out?" and click Join. There is a Ring Terminal near the entrance of each main city.

Can I enter if I'm on Silan (the starter island)?.... No. But even a level 1 character who's come to the mainland can join in the fun.

Why can't I get in?... If you have an account that was created before the world ended, and was not active (paid up) when playing became free, then there is no way to enter any Ring Scenario. Free accounts created after the world started again work fine. Old accounts that played while the world was ending work fine.

Why do I get booted while trying to get in?... On some odd occasions, you could crash while trying to enter, or you could find yourself mysteriously ported to some spawn point in the Desert (after which the scenario wont even be listed for you on the terminal). I have found that in almost all cases, exiting the game and then logging back in will allow you to enter fine on a second attempt.

I thought you need to have "Knowledge of Atys" to get in?... Na that's a myth. Any character, even level 1 fresh from Silan, can play in the ring just fine. You only need "Knowledge of Atys" for full access to features when editing your own ring scenario.

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