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Raiders and Patrol Dogs attack Pyr

Rumours of another sneak attack abounded around Fyros, but who, when and where? Movement was spotted in the deep desert surrounding Pyr, could this be where the attack was to come? or was this just another bluff and the main strike was to fall elsewhere.
Without any better information to work on, the courageous inhabitants of Fyros had to make a rapid decision. A call went out across the windswept country for every enabled Fyros who could make the journey in time, and who could be spared, to come to the defence of Pyr. Eventually a crowd of over 50 brave Homins formed outside the Cerakos Gate, the majority of the defenders where the brave Fyros but a few came from foreign shores. One of our brave allies from Tryker was believed to have been spotted, but this was difficult to confirm as they are easily hidden in a crowd. At least one Matis was seen (and watched with suspicion, after all, the Matis could be behind all these problems we have been having) in the line that formed outside the gate.
Initially a whisper went around that we may have formed at the wrong location, where were the invaders? nothing could be seen on the horizon, and those brave scouts who ventured out into the desert returned back with reports of empty sightings. Still the defenders waited, formed into teams of friends or guilds, even strangers gathering together in a common bond. Just as doubt started to creep into the formed ranks a shout went out, scouts could be seen running towards the gate as if their very lives depended on it. A few seconds later we could see why, for wave after wave of foe appeared over the dune tops, not the destructive Kitin that we had expected, but groups of Raiders and Patrol dogs. Was this what we were to face or was another foe lurking over the hills, waiting to stream down on our defences once we were all engaged in combat? Even after wave upon wave of Raiders and Patrol dogs crashed against the stout lines, no further foe was spotted and the defenders began to gain in confidence and cheer.
Finally, the last wave of invaders was repelled or cut-down where they stood, and a cheer went up from the brave defenders. It seemed the line had held fast, and not a single foe had broken through to the city. If this was the best the foe had to throw at the city, then what was there to fear.
A murmur broke out in the ranks, its source unknown, all was being revealed, this was just a decoy raid. A few Raiders and Patrol dogs had been sacrificed while the real purpose was unveiled elsewhere. The proud Leviers tribe had been kidnapped!! A cry went out from the defenders and the teams quickly dispersed into the desert to rescue the Leviers before they could be spirited away, or worse. Gallant teams searched the desert around Pyr, travelling as far as Clopper Hill and Outlaw canyon in their frantic quest.
Despite wave after wave of Raiders storming over the dune tops in an seemingly endless stream, and every step taken hounded by Patrol dogs, groups of the tribes were found, and after intensive fire fights, rescued. Only then was it discovered, that the Fyros ambassador had also been kidnapped and was being held by the cruel leader of these despicable creatures.
After clearing the desert around Pyr the leader of the invasion was discovered cowering in a canyon in the Valley of Emperors. This vile creature was surrounded by what seemed hundreds of his foul creatures, but high on adrenaline and overflowing with confidence, the defenders of Pyr unleashed their fury on the trapped creatures. Ignoring their wounds, and just focussing on despatching the Raiders leader that calmly awaited them at the rear of his troops, the warriors waded through the lines, stepping over their foes fallen bodies as they progressed.
Warrior after warrior finally broke through the lines, slashing and burning as they went, until before them stood their final foe. In one final rush they charged together, shouting cries of victory as they fell on the foe. Under a shower of magic and a flurry of gleaming steel, this audacious Raider who had dared to challenge the Fyros lands, was despatched back to his ancestors. When finally peace was once again within their sight, one last treacherous move was played by the raiders, Goaketh, possibly the largest goari that had ever been seen, appeared before them. With pinchers that could crush a homin with impunity, Goaketh roared his challenge and charged. But even he was no challenge for the blood-lust that had fallen upon the fearless defenders, and what was once a feared name among the Kitin hordes now became nothing more than crushed shell on the desert floor.
With cries of jubilation and songs of victory floating in the wind, the tired and weary defenders returned to a grateful Pyr and a well earned celebration.
Who knows what was truly the cause of this invasion and who was behind it. Why were the Leviers so important, and what part will they play in the future of this world. Was Goaketh just an unwitting pawn or once again are the Kitin behind this move. Maybe, there is another, one who has yet to show their true hand and remains hidden in the shadows of the world, patiently waiting to strike.

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