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Old November 1st, 2006, 05:54 PM   #31
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

I Have a Voice:

Fleeting blue over patches of dirty green
Hair caught by yonder sun, another dawn, another dusk
A whirlwind nightfall
Screams that echoe blindly, she turns her head, hidden orbs
Piercing the unfathomable gray
Strains of war, sounds of battle, not understanding
Dreams evanesce into crimson streams
But there is one

Fleeting blue over sands of raging fire
Not a sound from the wandering one
Reticent life, silent wonder, pure aid
She speaks with her hands, "I have a voice
But spoken my mouth, it is not enough
Gifts of wonder instead."

Firefly lights into the blue, a striking picture
A benevolent pose
A life is saved and it is that which speaks, life
And not faulty lips
It is her purpose
It is my purpose
This silent song of healing

Fleeting blue over clouds of whitened harmony
Hands too tired, spirit still rejoicing
One day they will see
One day they will hear the melody
In the voice, disappeared

~ Uyare, The Reticent Healer

*Just my feelings as a secretive healer...One who heals the warrior and runs away, just to find another and repeat. It is my purpose. It is my ONLY purpose, to help others in time of need.
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Old November 20th, 2006, 11:10 AM   #32
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

A story I posted on my guilds forum but was told to post it here as well. Hope you like it.

During my many travels around Atys I have stumbled on many lost lores. I want to share some of my knowledge of some of this lore. In the desert I have found that many crafted items had much more durability than simular items crafted in other lands. Curious as I am, I tried to find out how these Fyros people gained that better durability.

I travelled to the great Fyros city Pyr to find my answers. A bit lost at first in this overwhelming city it was hard for me to find any people willing to talk to me. I could understand that they didnt want to talk to a Tryker they never seen or heard about. So the first days in Pyr I tried to make myself a bit usefull and did some missions for the city welcomer. She was besides the merchants in Pyr the only one that was interested in talking to me.

After a while I found that more people in Pyr started to recognize me. Some even offered me some jobs. As I am an armorcrafter I decided to do a few armor craft jobs in the great Forge. Aeseus Zessen asked me to craft a few medium armor pieces. He just wanted to see my skills so he just needed a few medium quality chestplates and pants. When i delivered them to him he was very satisfied. He asked if I also made light armor and I answered him I did all armor craft although my heart goes out to the heavy armor. He laughed at my answer and said that he then wanted to see some of my light armor. He now wanted me to make him a few light armor sleeves of medium quality. Although I didnt have the plans for it, I agreed to make them for him.

The next few days I worked hard and finally I could afford the medium plans for the fyros light armor. After crafting a few sleeves I returned to Aeseus and give him the armor. I could see from his face he was impressed but didnt want to show it to me. After he gave me the money he promissed, he asked me if i could also craft him some medium quality light armor vests. I said i could and started crafting them immediatly. A few minutes later i handed Aeseus the armor and he was impressed again. “I see in you a great crafter” he said, “I could bring you into contact with a tribe that is always in need of good crafters and they have a great craftsecret they guard very well”. He send me to go to the land of Ovlovak and search for the Barkgully workshop. There i would find Zenix Mekops of the Water Breaker tribe.

With these words of Aeseus in mind I felt I was on the right way to find out how these Fyros people made that harder equipment. After a few hours of traveling i reached the Barkgully workshop. I spotted Zenix soon and told him I was send by Aeseus. He was a bit hesitant at first but after a bit of talking he was also getting a bit curious of my craft skill. He asked me to make a medium armor chestplate and some pants of medium quality. But he told me he expected a higher quality than Aeseus normally would accept. Luckely I had learned a bit in the time i spend in Pyr and the task wasn’t too hard for me. With a bit of pride i handed over the armor pieces.

“I see why Aeseus send you to me” Zenix said, “but as good as your skills are, I dont think we will make use of your skills. It might be better for you to go back to the Tryker lands as we Fyros wont have much use of your armors.”. Then he started to wander into the desert and he left me standing still stunned by his remark. When I finally got back to my senses Zenix was nowhere to be seen. How I returned to Pyr I still don’t know but I found myself awakening at a bar in Pyr. The bartender had poured a bucket of water on me so I would wake and sober up. He asked me why I had drunk so much that night. I told him the story. After i finished it he asked me when i would be going back to my homeland. I wanted to answer him that I was on my way now but then something in my mind stirred up and told me to do otherwise. “I am not going back to the Tryker lands” I said to the barman. “I am going to show these Water Breakers I can craft armor as good as any in these lands”. The barman looked at me for a while and then a small smile started to form on his lips. “If that is your choice it might be better to learn directly from the best” he said. He told me that the Water Breakers wanted to see how well I would take a blow and that it was all a test. “Go to Boeseus Xalon the chief of the Water Breakers and he will learn you more” the barman said.

So back i went to Ovlovak’s lands. When I finally found the Water Breaker tribe I found that I was already being expected. Boeseus greeted me heartily and told me that he could learn me the things I wanted. But before he could give me the knowledge he had to be sure I was worthy of that knowledge. He told me that all Water breaker crafters were put to the test in a great run around Ovlovak’s land in honour if that great Fyros. I had to start just after midnight and run to 3 points around Ovlovak’s lands. At each point I had to talk to the person there and craft the item they requested. I had to hurry up as well cause i had to be back at the Water Breaker camp and talk to Boeseus before dawn.

At the first point I had to craft a set of medium armor boots in hounour of Ovlovak. At the second point I was asked to craft a medium armor chestplate. Confident I ran to the third point but when I got there I was told to craft a twohanded sword. I told the person I didnt have those plans and could craft an armor piece instead. He said that only a sword will do and that if I couldnt make it I had to learn a bit more and do the trials again. So I picked up the melee craft skill and after a few days i learned how to make a nice twohanded sword. I returned to the Waterbreakers and asked if i could do the trials again. They agreed and this time I had no trouble at any of the points. I returned to the Water Breaker tribe hours before it would be dawn. When I approached Boeseus I could see he was impressed at how quick I had finished the trial. “ You must have run very fast” he said, “ for few before you have finished the great run this quick. I am impressed and will teach you how to make your crafted items to have a bit more durability”. And then he showed me the secret knowledge they guarded.

After staying for a few more days I left the Water Breakers in search of more of the lost lore that is out there around Atys. I hope this story will encourage all new (and old) crafters to go out and visit the lands of Fyros to search out this lost knowledge. I am still looking around the world for more of this knowledge and when I find some I will try to share it with you.
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

Ok, can I use these beautiful masterpeices in some of my Ring work? I really love this and have some poets, story tellers, and dancers that really love your work.

So, well, if you post here and you see your art sweeping across the Ring, you know who to point your fingers at.
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Old December 31st, 2006, 01:54 PM   #34
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

This one is a translation of a verse from a danish song into atysian english... hope you´ll enjoy:

To soar up high like seed of spring
blooming into summer rose,
is but to wither for to die
if to give no fruit you choose.

But when the gentle power of
the ripening you learn from life,
beneath the faded leaf of flower
your amber heart still warmly shines.

A bottle of firewine to the one who names the original danish song
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Old May 10th, 2007, 05:58 PM   #35
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

Okay who remebers the song entitled "88 Lines about 44 Women. Well it's been rewritten. RULE: You are not allowed to read the rewritten words unless the music is playing. So go here to play the song and then do the karoake thing with the words below.



Azad was a Melee boy
he axed em up till the bitter end
Olinn was a different type
he's is one who puts spears in
Oneeyes was an Fyros lad
Mobs afraid of boys like that
Talven was AFK a lot
sitting down like a Buddha sat

Bosse was a wondering soul
with geographic memory
Freddy chose the HA craft
he liked that kind of misery
Giny had a special way
of turning hunts into a song
Ghostano didn't like to cast
used a mace, beat them strong

Goofy was an archetype
the afflict queen, the queen of wrath
Sofiaa thought trekking was second best
to hanging out in Fyros Baths
Xycox was a preaching kamist
he really had that gift of gab
Dercin's point of view was this
take what boss mats you can grab

Daphne was another girl
who left her mark with a zorai boot
Rovi liked to tie mobs up
the spell he often cast was root
Cherry had a cat addiction
to dig without cats was not her way
Haplo, who had to "early rise,
says "I must go", but always stays

Grogged ignored the last taboo
solo treked thru UnderSpring
Gotharic brought the taboo back
he got thru and even dinged
Elnasa rose to Fyros fame,
trekked 4 lands unafarid to die
Fudge came and went so fast
he didn't even say goodbye

Eiger had a room in Matis
lived on drugs and kipee meat
Eceem had a house in Zora
took his drugs between the sheets
Provic thought his life was empty
filled it up with silverweed
CarlaofWind was much too pretty
she wouldn't do those dirty deeds

not Carla .... uh uh

Fatboy thought that PvP was simple
turn tag on and turn it off
Hrikri felt dig was complicated
like some rumored kara plot
Hotchick was the perfect lady
Kept her zorai stockings straight
Anna was a rich Matisian
silver spoon and a paper plate

McMidget was a pyromancer
kitin things he liked to fry
Kriathi liked to wound the things
dance around and watch them die
Trikerfreddy loved the cute gibbais
kept himself a couple of pups
Sashtan's strange obsession
was for OP Mats and sups

Sahrei was an mage's daughter
using shockwave shook her up
Vosi's mother left her father
took his dapper and his sups
Nunur had no such problems
perfect "Norman Tryton" home
MrsNo had Zorai baby
left her parents, lived alone

Lee joined a warrior cult
changed his name to General-Lee
Puffe liked to played guitar,
sang silly songs that made me pee
Sengyr was a pacifist
about factions he didn't give a sh*t
Lortess had much more my style
cause he wrote songs just like this

Tasakir went forty days
drinking nothing but Fyros ale
Once Therrah tried to drink with himt
next morning she was awful pale
Shenobe came from Tryker lands
conveted from kara to kamist
Elvish, I offer you a kiss
I chose you to end this list

88 lines about 44 bunnies

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