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The Kitin Secret - Nothing is what it seems

The Kami have sent word that an ancient prophesy is soon to come true. That a homin or group of homins shall appear at one of their camps. When this happens the great Ma-Duk shall appear and reveal a secret that has long been guarded by the Kami. A secret that could shake the very foundation of what Homins all over Atys believe. You think know everything about why the Kitin War started? You think the Kitin serve no purpose? Nothing is what it seems and nothing will be the same again.

"Homins think they know truth" said the Kami. "They know truth now. They not know truth past. Karavan lie. Karavan play tricks on Homin. Now time Homin learn truth."

*Available to English Server only due to the important use of dialog.
*The scenario is strongly slanted to the Kami. I have decided not to limit it to Kami players only as I just really want as many players as possible to enjoy it.
*Scenario Level: Designed for level 50 and under. All will be allowed but anyone over level 50 will find it very easy.
*Number of players: Designed for one player or group of players that stick together to read dialog.
*Type: Storytelling
*Activities: Exploration/Problem Solving, Dialog Sequences, Combat
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