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This is a lore/story telling scenerio that will also be used as guild recruitment. I can't tell you a whole lot about it but the basics so:

Type: Lore
Combat: Entirely avoidable, which is recomended
Open to: Anyone on Cho server
When: All weekend long, it runs on auto-invite
Level required: 20-30 will most likly be high enough to complete it with ease

Involves agro sneaking, story telling, puzzle solving, taking out guards, completing a ceremony, more puzzle solving, and a little more story. Oh, and opportunity to join Divine Indignation. Oh, and this leans very heavily on the Kami side of the faction.

I may open it to Aripostle at some point, but to really enjoy this you can't be too high levels. And it is for guild recruitment so, I don't think you can have a multi-server guild can you?

Well, thats that. Hope you enjoy it!
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