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Babylon Freeport

Babylon Freeport, on a remote island, far from the politics of the mainland, is where homins can come together for tax-free trade and recreation. Additionally, a range of guild representatives can be found here, who give out creed and contact details.

  1. A marketplace where Cho players can advertise their skills in crafting.
  2. A representative from each guild on the Cho server that explains a bit about the guild.
  3. A tavern where players can relax and drink Stinga Rum (watered down as grog, of course).
  4. An auctioneer's counter where any homin can come to manually auction goods (This probably won't be of much use for the time being, but could be useful for specific events or if the population grows significantly).
  5. A scribe that can recount the current status of outposts across the face of Atys (Information is taken from, and credited to, the outpost list maintained on the forum).
  6. A town crier that tells of what events are coming up for Cho.

Well, you'll notice that a lot of the information I'm providing in the scenario is either partially or completely available on the forum. However, I don't think many people bother with the forum (and I definitely don't think that they should have to do so).

Hosting times
I am only hosting the scenario for short periods of an hour or two when I'm not playing or asleep (My computer fan would keep me awake. No really!). I'm only advertising it on the Ring Terminals for Cho players, since it contains mainly Cho information, but if anyone from outside Cho would like to visit, just ask me for an invite. I will probably host it on request too, though I might be busy elsewhere.

Advertising your crafting skills
If you would like to advertise your crafting skills and are prepared to sell/trade your goods to the general public, then I can add your information in the scenario. Please send me details of your name, guild, items crafted, race of items, maximum quality of items and the level of crafting plan you know (standard/medium/heavy). If you want to provide an email address, then that is up to you. I am only prepared to post general information about your crafting capabilities, not individual items. For this, turn up when there is an auction on and try to sell it yourself.

Advertising your guild
Each guild that requests it will be given a talking NPC in the scenario that can speak about the guild. You should give me a general indication of what you would like your representative to look like. In any case, it will be a civilian so won't be armed or armoured (beyond light armour). If your guild is race-aligned, then the representative will be of that race, if not, then the race that lives where you have your guildhall (or plan to have your guildhall) will be used.

I've included the speech that is spoken by the recruiter for The Blackwater Buccaneers to give you an idea of what could be said :

Ahoy there landlubber!
Interested in becomin' a pirate, be thee? Thee be lookin' like the sort Cap'n Gwillim Morgan be needin' to crew The Slippery Gingo, so maybe that be not such a bad idea.
Well, what be important is that thee be hatin' them Kami-licking freaks an' that thee be supportin' the Tryker's rights to freedom. Beyond that, we be takin' all sorts o' homins onto our crew, as long as they be able to take a lashin' an' willin' to be doin' whatever it takes to be collectin' their share o' the treasure at the end o' the day.
[Summary for The Blackwater Buccaneers:

Alignment: Karavan/Tryker
Races allowed: All
Homeland: Aeden Aqueous
Guild hall: The Slippery Gingo, moored on Windy Way, Fairhaven, Aeden Aqueous (Not yet constructed)
Role-playing stance: High RP with pirates theme
Leader: Gwillim
High Officers: Gwyneth
Officers: Ratley]
Now be on thine way before I be tempted to keelhaul thee!
As I have done here, the speech should be split into several pages (with skip/next buttons). The first should be some variation on "hello", one or more after this discuss the guild in prose, then a summary page, then a variation on "goodbye".
I reserve the right to edit your entries to make them consistently laid out or to fix other errors, but I won't change your meaning.
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