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Old November 19th, 2004, 12:08 AM   #1
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Storys, poems, songs

Post here Storys poems and songs that u wrote
ill start..

Listen closly.. I shell tell you a legend... a legend about one hero.. a elf.. unlike all elves he was alone.. always in a battle.. fighting the demon inside him.. and still he fought all fends attacking the land.. one day the princess one kidnapped... by a demon.. the same demon that the hero is fighting inside.. and so the hero set his mind.. he would save the woman he love.. even if it takes him down trying.. and so his journy began.. all he had is his ocarina, a sword with magic rune words on it "munasamoon", and a cape given to him by his mother just before the demon slayed his villige and his femily..
he passed the blazing deserts of asceron.. the frozon plains of belizga.. the thunder plains.. killing all who stood in his way.. after 5 days of non stop no sleep travel he have reached the demon's lair.. he heard a scream! "Some one help me!" the hero took out his sword and charged in! then the hero stood infront of the demon.. he felt like looking in a dark mirror.. he felt the darkness of it.. the power.. even that he had no chance to win.. he yelled to the princess " Fear not! it will all be over soon..!" the battle has began! it looked like a blizzard fighting a flame.. no one winning no one giving up.. the demon knocked the hero down.. and when the hero got up he saw the demon pircing the princess with his sword.. she was dead..? the hero droped a tear.. and said "Demon! you shell kill no more.. your path ends here!!" the hero's eyes became white.. he lost control... he has gone beyond his own limits.. he charged at the demon, jumped over the demon evading his attack and struck threw him, and he have killed the demon.. but as the demon was his dark side.. he was dying aswell.. he took out his ocarina and played one last melody.. "tu.. tu.. tu.. tu..tu.." he kissed the princess.. and died.. Hero no more.. BladeZeRo.

feel free to tell what u think about the story

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Old November 19th, 2004, 05:11 PM   #2
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

tnx for making this sticky
but no replays.. ppl dont be shy
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Old November 19th, 2004, 06:07 PM   #3
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Post Re: Storys, poems, songs

“From Pyros”

The sun beamed down on homins in Pyr,
The heat was on and the prospect dire,
For not only were we by Yubos beset,
But killed by creatures we had only just met.

So crafted we armours and weapons of might,
And took with us mages into the fight,
For we have heard of worse yet in store;
Plagues of Kitins like years gone before.

Slowly at first we travelled our lands,
Meeting new tribes and extending our hands,
For united we know one day we must be,
To understand Atys and our destiny.

Clan Omnis
On the merits of working together.
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Old November 19th, 2004, 06:36 PM   #4
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

wow that's good
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Old November 20th, 2004, 02:11 AM   #5
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

Originally Posted by trenker
Clan Omnis
On the merits of working together.
You know... as I was reading that I thought how perfectly it summed up our guild aims Gj Tember
"the" spriteh
Read it, know it, live it
Remember kids, IOWIYAFOO!
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Old November 22nd, 2004, 03:50 AM   #6
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

What a fantastic idea for a thread! Well done for starting this Blade

Love from Euginie - TNE
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Old November 28th, 2004, 01:01 AM   #7
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

Xorte the Melee Warrior

The dark moon was rising before the burning sky
the last light was fading; it was a good night to die
The trees were gently swaying, dancing in the half light
As Xorte the Melee Warrior prepared himself to fight

The heavy Zorai armour fastened tight to his muscular frame
Xorte ventured forward in search of fortune and fame
Silence filled the night air as he left the cities of intuition
Each step taking him closer to his ultimate mission

Suddenly a piercing ring echoed through the plains
Xorte had drawn his killing sword and death flowed through his veins
A Sprightly Mek was first to die in a purple haze of slaughter
First one, then two, then four then ten non was given quarter

Soon the Meks had been dispatched their bones littered the ground
Carefully he stepped over the debris and looked around
Kazidika, Dilweed and Marster approached to join the fight
Without hesistation they began to kill everything in sight

Igaras met a timely end and gruff timmaries too
Then obstinates and rootings who were affected by the goo
Xortes flaming blade seared through sinew and bone
he had no need for air nor Stamina or God or man alone

Roaring Torbak was soon to follow cut down in twos and threes
And then two deadly kinchers arrived almost bringing Xorte to his knees
But time would tell they were no match for the power of the team
Even when three kinchers spawned they were shortly whipped like cream

The killing drew to a close as the dawn brought out the sun
Xorte sheathed his golden sword and contemplated all he had done
Ten levels had been gained and his mission was complete
Xorte the Melee Warrior had finally found his feet.

Inspired by Kaboom's adventures

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Old November 30th, 2004, 07:13 PM   #8
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

first off respect to Sonia for wrighting this it was not me:

Yesterdayevening, a peaceful, cold but clear, thursdayevening. Could I ever have forseen that it would be a night full of murder, slaughtering and a rampaging Kaboom? Could I ever have forseen that my view on MMORPG would never be the same again? No, certainly not, but i'll get to that. I am rushing again.

Logging in for some quiet harvesting and melee-exping i noticed Kaboom and Zarthena are on teamspeak. I log on as well and we have some quiet conversations. I ask them what they are doing and are up to for the night and Kaboom tells me they will go to Dew Drops for some exping. I say I want to join for healing and start swimming there. Kaboom is afk a lot and while i'm hanging in the water somewhere in Dew Drops (nobody around) I ask where they are and if they are coming.

Kaboom: "We are on our way"

Kaboom: "Getting there, we are going now"

MaRoo/Sonia "Where are you exactly?"
Kaboom: "Someone crashed, we wait"

MaRoo: "Where are you exactly?"
Kaboom: "We are in the middle, getting exp and stuff"

Of course I have to swim all around, raguses guarding each possible save spot on land"

I am there and a nice group of 5 is exping. Some new members and an afk Kaboom

We almost all die and he must have been watching as he heals us up and goes afk again

He awakes!!! And if I say awakes, it's only because i can't find another word to describe the way it happened. He does not really awake, it's more like the evil spirits in not only this world, but in parallel worlds as well, combined all their power to have it all combust within Kaboom. He more or less arises and I shiver. i actually shiver IRL! An evil look, which would be best described as destructive combined with hungry. A fearsome hunger. He just oozes an aura of death and decay...

I was scared. I really was.

22:11- ??:??
I can only describe this as a "trip of death". Kaboom went NUTS. He went on a rampaging streak where we could only follow. It was joining the forces of evil or be left behind to die. While I was busy healing Longblade and everyone had to refill their life, sap, stam he went on pulling another Clopper and another and two others. He dove in four Cloppers then took on six, eight, ten. three to six ragus joined on in to stop him, but died like annoying flies on a hot summer's day. And the strange thing was, while we tried to keep up with him, healing eachother, sapgifting and staminagifting eachother, he didn't seem to need any. It was like the powers were given to him from the bones of the enemies who thought they would have a real fight. An honest fight. But this had nothing to do with honor. This was Unreal Tournament in Ryzom world. Kaboom had double damage and seemed invulnerable. It seemed he got stronger with each dead clopper, ragus or whatever was in his way. Even yubo's would find a violent death. He did not care for loot, he did not care for sap, life or stamina. He did not need air, he just went on and on and on. There was no stopping him. No pause whatsoever. He really went MAD, kept saying DIE...DIE....DIE. DIE YOU ALL! DIE NOW...DIE BY MY SWORD!! We could only follow and that was even hard to do.


I felt exhausted, but hung in there. Hey the exp was good!

Don't know the name anymore, but she left. To exhausted to continue. Kaboom went on. Didn't even look back.

Longblade left. He had been vomiting for the last hour. Dehydration we thought. I wondered if Kaboom even noticed. DIE....DIE BY MY SWORD.....CLOPPERSSSS DIEEEEE.

My last 'normal' companion left. He was more death than alive the last 15 minutes. A few mutters....and then...nothing

Rest In Peace brother. You fought well.

and Kaboom? Well, would you believe it. DIE CLOPPER.....DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I don't even know where I am anymore. This is probably not even the Ryzomworld. Cloppers look like devils, ragus is more a fellhound. Kaboom keeps slaughtering them. DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. There are more coming...but he doesn't care. he seems to get bigger, stronger, more evil. the sky is red, the ground covered in blood, bones everywhere. His sword seems to be flaming. A warm red glow. I...feel...warm. I....want...to....sleep. I lay down and float away. Then certainly a BIG Scream! I open my eyes and it looks like a dragon with 8 heads tries to hold off Kaboom. I see some kind of throne and vaguely thought Lucifer was sitting on it, laughing, sending more dragons. DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.......DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....F EEEL MY SWORD......... Kaboom couldn't be stopped anymore. With my last strenght I activate my ticket to FairHaven. Some beast is attacking me and I'm about to die when I feel the warm sensation of healing magic on me. I look up and see Kaboom. He looks me right in the eyes. The satanic lust seemed to be gone. It looks like he whispers: "Trust me...I'm your leader....Trust me".

Then nothing.

I wake up behind my keyboard and i'm in FairHaven. Damn, did I fall asleep? I feel tired and am sweating. I had a weird dream about Kaboom and a rampaging night. Nah...That can't be. This is a computer. This is software, this is real life. I must have been sleeping while trying to play Ryzom, but probably never made it out of FairHaven. haha, silly me: falling asleep playing a game.

I press "P". I.....see......I....gained......14............magi c............levels.


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Old November 30th, 2004, 07:18 PM   #9
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

Again it was not me.. but a raven who needs to be shown the path.
One day soon you will see this warrior fly high with the ravens:

By the great vaisasu just started already a legend.

Most of you have never met me; most of you won't know who I am. I have to say "who I am" is also what bothers me. Everything before the last few days is misty to say the least.

The name that was given to me is Vaisasu. I don't remeber by whom. Were they maybe the people of the lights that took our Tryker brethren during the exodus? Who knows? I just remember them telling me, "You, sir, are to be called vai-sasu from this day forth. You will go out into Atys and preach that the good of the many logically outweighs the good of the one. Preach this not just by words, but by your actions. You now are a priest!"

The time before that is even a greater haze. I remember seeing orcs and tauren, elves and undead people. My flashbacks are somewhat discomferting. I remember someone yelling "U SUXXORZ, N00B. L3AV3 PLS! GG NO RE!! kekeke". To this day I am not sure if my reply, "S0RRY, I W1LL, COS U AR3 T3H G0SU," was the correct one, as the guy replied "YOU 4R3 T3H GHEY!!!1111."

So I came to at the town of Dingleton on Tryker Island. A Tryker male with a holy mission. After exploring the immediate area, I set out towards the next town on the small island. At Hobwelly, is where I came accross fair lady Zephyrine. What can I say... she gave off the right signals, the sparks flew! I had found a companion.

She too had a holy mission, and being the gentleman I am, I decided to fight for her as she tended to my wounds. Yber after Yber, then Goari after Goari we slaid. Many times cloppers ganged up on us, and we couldn't hold them back. For hours on end we battled our way around the island. It was time to disband. I will always remember this lady for teaching me about enchantments and stanzas, and for learing a priest into becoming a warrior; at least for a while.

It was on this first day I remebered that a person named Kaboom had something to do with my being on Atys. When I told him so through telepathy, he answered someting like "Wooooot!" and advised me to stay on this island until my training was well underway.

I stuck to this and fought my second day with lady Hypatia, a person of many reincarnations. She tought me how harvesting choice materials and crafting them into items can enrich your life in many ways; and how this can combine with good ranged weaponry. But wait,... I just wanted to fulfill my name; be a priest! But then again... look at the options yet open!

In just a few days, my life is getting very interesting and complex at the same time. I no longer wish to be a priest. I wanna be a warrior, and harvester, and crafter AND a priest. Atys is a fascinating place.

In less than two weeks, however, I will be tested by the forces that put me here. If they ask me will I stay here and become the allround holy man on Atys or will I be tempted back to the orc, the tauren, the elves and the undead people, what shall I tell them? What shall I say? I do not know. Until that day is here however, I hope you won't mind me hanging around your part of the world and listen to great stories like the epic story Sonia has told of Kaboom's killing spree.

(Based on the true story of Vaisasu. Unfruitfully overly dramatized to sound cool.)
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Old November 30th, 2004, 08:03 PM   #10
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Re: Storys, poems, songs

Very nice. Fantastic mix of surreal, text-speak and Ryzom. Funny and clever. More please!
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