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Old February 23rd, 2005, 05:13 AM   #1
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Idea Submission Thread

Here you go folks. Have fun with it! But read this first.
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 09:55 AM   #2
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Re: Idea Submission Thread

Allo there!

*Scratches her head* Now to make the list!

Don't worry, I'll have plenty of spam for you soon enough, Takashi! *smirks*

*Smiles, grabs her notebook and runs off to a peaceful spot in the desert.*
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 01:57 PM   #3
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Re: Idea Submission Thread

Hooray, finally.

First. Something really simple would be to incorporate real-life holidays with some kind of in-game holiday/celebration. I tried doing this with Valentine's Day, but the only response I got was from a guildie and even then that was only after I PM'd him to please respond to my dying idea. This doesn't really help your current situation though, unless it goes past St. Patrick's Day. (Maybe bartenders give you actual drinks or talk about how this day was significant at bartending school?)

Second. If the work load is really that heavy hold some sort of drawing for a "GM/Guide for the day" ability. Give the person 24hrs to implement an approved event. Would take the work load off you and still allow some great ideas to make it out there.

Third. An event heavy on user-time, but light on GM-time would be something like a treasure/scavenger hunt. We don't even have to hunt for the reward. For example, an NPC could send us off hunting for different locations of Hawkers or city-roamers around Atys. When we return with the locations, the NPC would reward us with some Fame or maybe a unique title saying that our service to [insert faction here] was invaluable and that they would be persuing these [fugitives/enemies]. I actually have a more in-depth idea related to this, but it totally tears your first rule of being short to shreads.

Fourth. This isn't a specific idea per se, but awarding unique/one-time-only rewards would be really cool and encourage people to get more involved on a regular basis.

These are but a few of the thoughts I have had on this matter. You can expect more from me soon.
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 03:00 PM   #4
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Re: Idea Submission Thread

1) Simply come out and roleplay as a character in the cities sometime.
This alone will make a world of difference in bringing the story to life and getting people excited. It doesn't even have to be a main character of the story.

2) Led attacks on NPC tribes

Have one character setup for the Karavan and one for the Kami. Then announce on the chat channels something to the effect of "The Kami have spotted a karavan supporting homin killing Kami supporters in the prime roots. The Kami are requesting that any loyal friends help stop this homin!" Then just have the character hide out in the roots until someone finds and attacks them. You could also announce something like "A Karavan supporter is being hunted by Kami forces in the roots, the Karavan asks that any loyal Karavan supporters come to their aide".

There is also the type of event dealing with players protecting a tribe in game while others attacked it.

4) Have some Karavan or Kami forces attack or invade an area. I don't know if you can do this but having 10 or 15 Kami or Karavan attack an area would cause some excitement.

5) Collecting resources
Have a character announce on the chat channels that a certain resource is needed and that all homins that wish to help should bring that resource to a certain location. This could work very well for collecting and fighting goo.

6) Guided tours of regions/places
Have a character come out and offer to take players to various spots in game and tell a story about them.

Create a character that is a member of a tribe and invite players to come and learn more about that tribe.
For example:
In order to build a reputation among the homin community, the Icon Worshippers are looking to host an informative pow-wow. Please look for Jeni-Chi at the Icon Worshipper camp.

I'll post more as I think of them.
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 03:29 PM   #5
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Re: Idea Submission Thread

*cracks knuckles*

Every once in a while I just sit around and brainstorm some events, here's some of the ones that I've been tossing around but haven't actually put any time or effort behind them (yet). Doesn't mean they're bad ideas...or good ones either, heh. I'll call them "a collection of random thoughts from Gfunk's event idea pot". Some of the event ideas may have come from other people.

Neutral Events (Non-Combat, Non-Racial, Non-Faction):

"Amazing Race" - Similar to our Amazing Matis race, except covers all of Atys, maybe even spanning several days. Players solve riddles to locations, when they arrive at location, must perform a task before receiving next riddle.

"World Wide Mektoub Race" - Several leg race around all of Atys, only rule is players must arrive at the next leg of the race mounted.

"Once upon a time..." - Storytelling session designed to spark RP without the negativity of PvP. Homins talk about heroic deeds, and racial fellowship type events. Pool of prizes in gear and dappers collected goes to the top 3 stories by /tell vote.

"Whose line is it anyway?" - Event just like one of the games on the TV show. 4-5 different "actors" act out the parts of 4-5 of the prominent figures (with consent of course) on the server. The "actors" are given a few situations in which they act out and over emphasize traits of whomever they are emulating.

Racial events (promoting teamwork/fellowship with same race):

"Untitled" - Crafting race designed to "fill in the gaps" on the vendors, maybe even fill out a list of required items. All 4 races compete against each other to fill vendors with items that are usually lacking in the market (medium armor, ranged, Choice+ equipment under lvl 50) -OR- each race fills out a required items list, first race to complete the list wins. Key idea is that harvesters/hunters supply crafters directly to churn out gear - assembly line style.

"My hero is bigger than your hero!" - PvP event designed to bring out the toughest single homin AND toughest "dream team" within each race. Eliminations in each race to determine their "heros" and each race assembles a "dream team" who battle it out with each other to determine the strongest race!

That's all I've got for now...I'll edit it as I think up more.
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 05:41 PM   #6
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Re: Idea Submission Thread

in Zorai lands there are 3 hills (They are called Stocks) how about doing something cool with them and get tps woking around them =)
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 07:07 PM   #7
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Re: Idea Submission Thread


1 - Player collaboration! We are a big asset. I'm sure letting us run NPCs is probably outside of your power, but our characters can do a lot.

2 - Use of natural surroundings. Already mentioned and the stocks make an excellent example, they could make great theaters. Mazes are a great place to get lost in, some of the scenery goes unknown and unappreciated because nobody can reach it, there are some wonderful little coves and swimming holes.

3 - Small scale plots. Villain kidnaps someone, heroes have to search Atys to find him. Evil guy is carving a path of destruction and the players must find his weakness. Plots and schemes and cheesy stuff like that. Straight from the episodes of kids' cartoons. Challenges that are engaging but won't be the sole domain of the high levels.
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 07:20 PM   #8
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Re: Idea Submission Thread

Allo Allo Everyone!

Okies, I thought about one last night/this morning while trying to fall asleep.
It is entirely silly and simple, but I believe sometimes these are the most enjoyible events.

What I have in mind is mainly for the lower level players that are new to the mainland, but everyone is certainly more than welcome to attend.

[casts anti-flame spell="on"]

"Hide -N- Go Takashi" *smirks*

Now, now, I know Takashi has his own things to do, I know it doesn't have to be Takashi, I just think this would be so much more fun than an NPC or item.

Now, stay with me..I put quite a bit of thought into this, so there's a lot involved.
Keep in mind that I'm only placing ideas out there and suggestions, for instance Takashi doesn't have to be the one hiding and I don't have to be the one posting rewards, etc. Just examples.

Ok - so to kick things off the even is announced, we give about 3 days or so for *enrollment*.
The reason I suggest this is so it will hopefully eliminate cheating, etc.
For example - the announcement could be made, and people could either;

1.) Post a reply to the forum announcment.
2.) Send me an e-mail in game with their names.
3.) Send /tells to myself/Takashi/whomever.

This way we have a list of all those hoping or wishing to attend said event.
If your name isn't on the list before the even begins, you cannot win.
This means that someone can't camp their character in some dark corner, spot the goal before it starts and call it out 5 seconds after it begins and ruin the entire contest for everyone that made the effort to form it or join.

Now, place.
I would suggest (if the first goes well) to rotate the event between the major cities, Pyr, Yrkanis, Newhaven, etc.
This way we don't leave people out that would really like to play, but cannot make it to particular cities (remember I have the lower level players mainly in mind here).

Let the fun begin.
I'm using Pyr as an example, because I know it well.
Everyone gathers at one of the entrances to the city (Not inside the city).
Say, at the East or South gate/stables.
Last chance enrollment is allowed.
Takashi, myself, or whomever is running the event will announce that the event is about to begin, if anyone present is not enrolled to do so now.
Everyone will sit - so that everyone gets a fair start on the hunt.

"Go Get Em!"
The Hidden (Takashi/item/NPC/Player) goes and hides.
When this is complete, a tell will be sent to an announcer (myself/GM/player) so that the object doesn't give away it's/their location in the city.

Now, the object of the game is to locate The Hidden (Takashi/item/NPC/Player) and perform an emote on them ASAP (keep your shoes on gurls..a civil emote, like /bow, /wave, etc.).
Now depending on how clever The Hidden is, and the amount of time taken to discover them, I suggest up to 3 winners.
If it takes too long (say more than 10 minutes in-between discoveries) then maybe only 2 or even 1 winner.

Reward for your efforts!
The best part, everyone loves the prizes...because, well, they're prizes.
Now, I'm not sure how limited our resources are and I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible, not only for my suggestion, but also for the amount of time and work needed to be put in on this from the planning parties (GMs/Players).
I know that we'll need to be able to cover everyone's needs.
A weapon would be a good idea if all players were fighters, but that would leave the casters and harvesters out.

Sooooo...what I've concluded upon is this:

First Place Prize: 1 Million Dappers.
(Yesshh, I said One Meeellion Dappers *grins*)
Second Place Prize: 500k Dappers.
(If there is a second place)
Third Place Prize: 200k Dappers.
(If there is a third place)

Now, I would be more than willing and able to fund this event if needed.
One million seems like a fairly nice reward - it could go up to 2 or 3, but keep in mind I'm just a forager, hehe.

Once The Hidden has been found, the winners will be recorded and the enrollment list is checked to make sure they're listed.
The winners need to move away from The Hidden ASAP so they do not give away the location if there are going to be more than one winner.
If this is the case, the contest will be announced over when the last winner has been verified.
We will announce the winner and all will meet back at the starting point, or gates.
The prize will be awarded, along with thanks for everyone joining.

I honestly think this is a very simple, yet extremely fun idea.
Many laughs will be had by all in attendance, or even those just listening and watching. Course, I guess they'd be in attendance, too, hehe.
This will cost little or no resources and shouldn't be very time consuming for Takashi/Myself or those involved in assistance for planning and carrying out the event.

There's my first one! I hope you all liked it, loved it, or at least don't shoot me on sight for spamming it, lol.
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 07:31 PM   #9
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Re: Idea Submission Thread

oh wait this thread is for EVENT ideas -.-


p.s. ohh wow, grandma is kinda cute!

Oh yeh, what ever happened to those fashion shows and meet-the-guilds night type events?

And quick question, do you have the ability to turn dp off for a specific area, like the Matis Arena?

Last edited by vinnyq : February 23rd, 2005 at 07:50 PM.
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Old February 23rd, 2005, 08:30 PM   #10
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Re: Idea Submission Thread

Team Tourneys

ok, I guess dp won't really matter because if we have an 'ambulance team' on standby, we can just res after a battle is over.

The 1vs1 tourney is a good step forward, but it wasn't really exciting to watch or participate in because it end up being too homins standing still most of the time and whacking each other. There's really no 'real' skills or strategy involve, only a match of stats vs stats.

Now if you were to have Party vs. Party tourney, this would really be something. The only place we can do this now is either in the Matis arena, or in the PR, so the Matis arena is of course to more logical choice. I wish that area has a 'spectators' area where we can watch the action without being in a pvp zone, but I don't think it's too big of a deal.

Have either full team 9 vs 9 competition, or if that's too much, dump it down to 4 vs 4 or 2vs2 etc.

The party members can be consisted of any type of skills (tankers/nukers/healers/afflicters) and they can use any skills in their arsenal. The strategy involve in forming the perfect team (number of nukers and healers and meleers etc) alone is interesting enough, and there will be a lot more strategy involve in the actual battle with team vs team fight.

Have a signup, ladder tourney format, and have the top team be rewarded dappers prize and announcement as the Dream team, and you have yourself a great event
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