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Arrow [OLD] Ryzom Launcher Error Codes and Messages

Error Code 1 - no connection to the login server
- Check firewall settings and ensure the game ports are allowed through. More details about firewalls and ports here.
- Can also happen when there are network problems along the path, so check local network and try doing a ping plot or tracert to &
- Your client may be too old; check this thread if you have a doubt.

Error Code 2 - player already connected
- Wait for 30 seconds then try logging in again.

Error Code 7 - cannot connect to the selected shard
- You lost internet connection between the login/pw screen and the shard selection screen.
- Try logging in again.

Error Code 10 - no mainland shard available
- The shard is closed. This can be due to a maintenance reboot, patch day, or server crash.
- Go to Klients live support for up to date information, check also the Ryzom news and technical forum.

Error Code 53 - not authorised to use the shard
- Check your billing status on the Account Management page to ensure that subscription is current.
- If you can't manage to subscribe, contact the support staff on Klients, boards or by email.

Error Code 56 - bad password
- Check password spelling.
- If you subscribed before 2007, January 9, and changed your billing password since then, your game password became the same as the billing one as both accounts now use the same password. You may have to get a new billing password here and then change it in your profile if you forgot it.

Error Code 64 - unknown login
- Check login name spelling.

Error - no response from shard unifier, try later
- The shard is locked. Happens after a server reboot. The shard stays temporarily locked while we check everything is alright before reopening it.
- Go to Klients live support for up to date information, check also the Ryzom news and technical forum.

To run Ryzom on windowed mode, the desktop must be set to 32 bit mode
Can't create a window display (1024x768 32 bits)
- Check windows display settings and set desktop to at least 1024x768 resolution with 32 bits colour depth and that Direct3D or OpenGL are enabled.
- You can also get this message if the computer does not have adequate video hardware (onboard video chips like SiS or Intel are prime examples of video systems that cannot run Ryzom).
- NOTE: you can try to launch the game in 800x600 resolution but will not be able to see all the buttons as the launcher screens require at least 1024x768.
- Detailed information here.

nel_drv_opengl_win_rd.dll is more recent than the application
- The video drivers may be too old for Ryzom to work with properly: obtain newer video drivers and install properly (remove current, reboot, run driver installer).
- Or the launcher files may be too old for Ryzom to patch properly: delete UNPACK folder, run ryzom_recover.exe and then launch game again. Warning! At this time ryzom_recover.exe will render your game installation unusable, this will require you to redownload and re-install Ryzom. Do Not run ryzom_recover.exe until further notice.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - Runtime Error
- Again, make sure that your desktop resolution is at least 1024x768 with 32 bit colour depth.
- Make sure that your system is virus and spyware free. They can corrupt or interfere with executable files.
- Everything that I can find on this and some experience by players with this error indicates a damaged IE install. Fixing IE or removing some of the extras usually will fix this error. In worst case the OS has to be reinstalled as IE is integrated into WinXP. Check out the Microsoft Knowledgebase article 318378 on how to repair Internet Explorer.

Error -1607: Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Runtime
- Please visit the InstallShield site to diagnose and repair this problem.

Error patching files...
- Delete the UNPACK folder and launch the game again.

msg.xml and database.xml files are invalid (server version signature is different)
- Delete the data_common.bnp file found in the DATA folder and then relaunch.

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