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[FAQ] Patcher error messages

How to repair: to repair your files, launch the Ryzom downloader through the menu "Start > Programs > Ryzom > Ryzom Downloader", or directly by launching the file client_background_downloader_rd.exe in your \Ryzom folder.
Do NOT use ryzom_recover.exe. It's an outdated file that won't repair but break your Ryzom.

1. Error encoutered while looking for files to download.
- Check your internet connection.
- Your data may be corrupted. In this case, try a repair of the game.
- Try this workaround.

2. Patch error, please check your disk space and system settings and try again.
- Data may be corrupted, try a repair.

3. Game/Patcher communication Error. Please restart Ryzom or as a last resort use the Ryzom Installer to repair your installation.
- Relaunch client.
- If you still get the error, then you may need to repair or to reinstall Ryzom.

4. Failed to launch the Ryzom Patcher...
- Your client is probably corrupted. You will have to repair it or to reinstall the game.

5. Please use Ryzom Installer to repair a broken Ryzom installation.
- You can get this error when trying to launch client_background_downloader_rd.exe instead of the client. Try again by launching ryzom normally (client_ryzom_rd.exe).

6. This feature can only be accessed after background patching has finished. The background patching progress is indicated by the progress bar.
- You client didn't finish to patch mainland and Ring. Check the patching status in game in your windows bar > system > patcher and wait for the completion of the download.

7. Ryzom Patcher stopped, please restart Ryzom.
- The patcher closed for some reason. Relaunch Ryzom so that the patcher is automatically and properly relaunched.

8. Failed to initiate patching process because another Ryzom is already running. Please close the other Ryzom and try again.
- Reboot your computer or close others Ryzom clients.

9. Disk write error! (disk full ?)
The hard drive where you installed Ryzom is full or corrupted.
- Make space on your HD, make a system check to your HD or reinstall Ryzom on another HD.

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